Low Voter Turnout – What if We could decide what goes on the ballot

This article talks about a Pew Research study that show’s the of the 63% of people who didn’t vote in 2014, 34% or people were too busy to vote, and 35% couldn’t get time off, and 20% didn’t like the candidates, didn’t know enough or didn’t care.  But doesn’t it seem like the 20% were telling the hard truth and the 34 and 35% were just being nice.  If it’s important, we can make it happen.

A ton of people didn’t vote because they couldn’t get time off from work – Washington Post

Why didn't you vote, America?

There is certainly a problem with the process of voting – it’s a manual, time-consuming, out-dated thing.  But that’s not the biggest problem with voting.

The biggest problem with voting is what we get to vote on.  It doesn’t matter. It’s not as important as watching YouTube or eating dinner, or taking time out of work.

Why do more people turn out for the presidential election? Because they think it matters. Because they hope that if they elect the right person to be president, that it will make a difference.  But they don’t FEEL that their congressman or senator makes a difference.

If we want people to vote, we could put things on the ballot that are really important to them.

What if we just put it on the ballot to change the way voting works to make it more convenient to voters. That would probably work once, and help but not solve the problem later.

Gallup keeps a running poll on what are the most important problems in the US.

Most Important Problem – GALLUP

Percentage of Americans Mentioning Economic Issues as the Nations Most Important Problem

The top two individual issues are Dissatisfaction with Government and the Economy in general.

If fixing either of these issues were on the ballot, wouldn’t we all be able to make the time to study the issues, get out of work and make it to the voting booth?

Or what if we could decide what goes on the ballot?  But wait, then it would take an election to decide what goes on an election.  But now we have the Internet and we can do things what couldn’t be imagined in 1789.

Stay tuned.

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