Why Find Solutions that Unite Us?

The US is at its most politically polarized (Pew), but we agree: our country is headed in the wrong direction (63% Rasmussen). So how are we going to get together and fix this? Sure, we don’t yet agree on which direction to go, but if we did, like when we sent the first man to the moon (NASA), we can do the impossible.

Here’s the challenge now: Our country is made up of liberals and conservatives and a range of people in between. And our morals are so ingrained by the time we reach adulthood that individuals are unlikely change. But somehow it is completely human that both sides exist in society and that this dance is what moves us forward, carefully. It’s what harnesses the power of the atom and keeps us from destroying our planet. It’s what discovers the miracle of DNA but keeps us from genetically engineering our own extinction.

Now here are some new challenges:

Our liberal side is concerned about global warming. And if it is happening, they tell us we need to do something very quickly because the longer we wait the more impossible the climate change is to reverse.

Our conservative side is worried about the growth of government and the growing national debt.  Not just that there is debt, but that it’s growing more and more rapidly, and at some point it could crash in a way that’s bigger than the financial crisis of 2008.

The point is that things like this look like they are climbing exponentially to the point where something bad is going to happen, and it’s much harder to unmelt the polar icecaps, or un-crash the economy than it is to prevent it from happening in the first place. And it’s not that we have to stop all carbon emissions or that our country can never go into debt, it’s that we have to find the balance of liberal and conservative use that moves us forward, carefully.

So, it’s important to realize that the presence of liberals and conservatives in our society is to our benefit and that we need to continue to succeed in working together to find the solutions that unite us, because the reward is continued progress or the punishment could be extinction.